Faults I see in others…

3 12 2010

“The faults I see in others are really the faults I see in myself.”  I don’t know where I read this recently, but I swear I did. I think it may have been C.S. Lewis writing about Pride. The more I think about what this means though the more I recognize why I tend to clash with certain people. The worst part about it is that I am recognizing it in the people that I lead. I am overly critical about specific things within some of the people around me.

That guy has a pride issue.

She is lazy.

Why can’t he follow through better?

How hard is it for her to say that she’s wrong?

I have the ability to point out there biggest faults and  the things that are preventing them from becoming great leaders.  As I sat and thought through it a little more though I realized that the things that bugged me most about them were the things that were really bugging me about myself. Lets just say Matthew 7: 3-5 applies a bit here. Those planks are a bummer aren’t they? Remember, this doesn’t mean that the speck has been removed from your brother’s eye. No way, it’s still there.  But check that plank before you begin to approach someone (in love of course) about their specks.

So I guess the question I have to reflect on and work through comes directly from this struggle. It’s kind of like looking in the mirror when you see the faults of those around you. They stick out because you recognize them. They are extremely familiar to you. What faults do you see in the person next to you? They are showing us where our struggles are. Let’s pay attention and try to not be so critical especially when it comes to those that we are leading. You could look like a real jerk if you are calling someone out on their pride and YOU are the proudest person in the room.  A little self assessment can go a long way before pointing out the faults in others. After all, it looks like we are just criticizing ourselves.



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