Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

3 12 2010

Wednesday night we had our annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party in the Event Center. It ended up being a great event with a ton of students there. We started the night 15 minutes after 7 and then got rolling with a little Christmas Trivia that hardly anyone paid any attention to, then had our gingerbread house making contest and ugly sweater contest. The new element this year was the Christmas carol gargling. I’m really glad I didn’t get puked on, but it was close. The picture below is my favorite gingerbread house from the evening. It didn’t win but I really appreciated the Steve-a-saurus Rex.

I think all in all one of the biggest things we were reminded of was that events like these do not need to be overly programmed. Students want an excuse to get together with their friends and have some fun. The most successful part of the night was the 20 minutes we gave them to make their houses at their tables. Students want to connect in community and they like being around one another. We need to create those environments.

On a side note, I had a new staff come up to me afterward. He told me he was a little nervous about what it would be like and how he would connect with students. 5 minutes after he arrived a GROUP of students walked up to him and made him feel comfortable being there. It seems a little backwards but it just proves that we have some pretty incredible students here. They went out of their way to make other students and staff feel connected. Big things coming from these students…




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