What I learned from “Undercover Boss” and then some…

8 12 2010

A few things I’ve learned/been thinking about lately in regards to leadership…

1) Leaders appreciate those around them.

Ever seen the television show “Undercover Boss”? I started watching this incredible television program during a “dark night of the soul” time in my life and learned an extremely valuable lesson in leadership. PEOPLE WANT TO BE APPRECIATED. There are individuals on different teams that do not get recognized for all the hard work they put in. They aren’t even noticed. When there is someone on your team that is doing a good job, tell them about it. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the strategy and vision and momentum that leaders look at. Eventually, it causes us to look right past the people that are going to make those things happen. A personalized text message, a specific positive statement about an individual, or a hand written note makes such a difference (believe me, I just tested it out last week).

2) Leaders take risks, but not with their families.

I admire risk takers and I try to be one myself. Risk takers are not afraid of failure and try to do what no one else is doing. They are leaders that do not fear failure, but embrace it because they know it will make them better. As Paul writes to Timothy in 1 Timothy we see a few descriptions of leaders within  the church. One of the most interesting statements is the one made in 1 Timothy 3:4.

Great leaders are not just great leaders within their organization.  Great leaders lead their families well. I’ve been around a few leaders that are risk takers in the work place and risk takers in life (and no, I’m not talking about skydiving or bungee jumping).  These people take risks with the health and stability of their family. Their families take a back seat to work, other relationships, or whatever the new kick is. THIS truly is risky business. If you are taking risks with your family, the failure that will inevitably come from your risk will NOT make you a better person. It will however, lead to destruction, sorrow, and regret.

3) Leaders learn humility.

Leaders are definitely learners and one of the most important characteristics that a leader can learn is humility. Humble leaders are secure in who they are. They don’t need to be validated by those around them because they are too busy leading. To kind of play off the words here, I’ve actually seen young leaders (and at times am guilty of this myself) that are proud and arrogant about what they are learning. People usually don’t care that much about what you are learning. Put it into practice and SHOW your newly found wisdom and insight to the people around you  and observe the fruit that comes from your efforts.

“A man who is eating or lying with his wife or preparing to go to sleep in humility, thankfulness and temperance, is, by Christian standards, in an infinitely higher state than one who is listening to Bach or reading Plato in a state of pride.” -CS Lewis




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8 12 2010

Nicely said, Grasshopper!
Oh, and you need links on your blog to other blogs…

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