A retweet reminder about relevance…

14 12 2010

Andy Stanley constantly asks the question, “What are we doing that no one else has tried before?” If you take a look at how North Point services are ran, Andy’s teaching style (we’re on a first name basis because we met once), and some of the risks they take, it’s not hard to see how important and foundational this question is. I think this philosophy definitely pours out into their Sunday morning program. Check out this video for example:

I’m sure most of you have already seen this video and if you haven’t you’re probably replaying the last song again. After watching this last week, I had to share it with the world (or at least with the people who follow me on Twitter and facebook). There is one friend that I knew would really enjoy this particular video. He works in the music industry in LA and really knows what’s going on in the world of social media and entertainment. After pointing the video out to him he retweeted this video that had “North Point Community Church” written all over it. My good buddy isn’t really a church goer and I’m not sure if he would call himself a Christ follower.

BUT, he thought this was cool and interesting and relevant enough to share it with the people in his circle of influence. The church has tendencies to slip away from being relevant. We are afraid to try something new because it differs from what we have done before. It drives me crazy when people get upset about a church that plays a secular song in the service or does something like North Point did because “it doesn’t glorify God” or because “it brings the world into the church.”

Isn’t that exactly what Jesus wants us to do? Does he not want the world learning God’s truth? God wants the church in the world and I hope you know He wants the world in the church. Just because something is relevant does not automatically put it in the “not-spiritual” category. You don’t have to risk one to do the other, they CAN coexist. If that makes one person notice the church and check it out, then it was well worth it.

I appreciate what North Point does and I get excited when my friends who don’t normally step into a church see relevance in what we are doing. I hope we challenge ourselves to ask these questions, to take risks, and to long for those absent in our community and creatively provide ways for them to experience God.




One response

15 12 2010
Katie Elder


I think it’s so creative what this church did! Thanks for sharing it with everyone. Your message about it was good as well! Whatever it takes to bring people to the Lord is worth it…and think about the gifts God has given each of those people playing on stage!!! I know I couldn’t do that. lol

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