Just wait until your father gets home…

5 05 2011

I love to talk back. Even if I know I’m wrong, I really love to talk back. I guess I enjoy the argument. I remember talking back to my mom once when I was in third grade. I said something really rude and hurtful to her and it caused a moment of anger I didn’t see too often.

There is something you have to understand about third grade Steve. I was a BIG boy. I think I weighed something like 120 lbs and was about 5’2″. My mom is also 5’2″. Except she only weighs 100 lbs. So, in this moment of anger when my mom went to smack me in the face for talking back (it would have been well deserved), I channeled my inner Bruce Lee and grabbed her hand mid swing and said, “Don’t smack me.” Pretty courageous for a 10 year old right? It was, until she said those words I always dreaded. “Just wait until your father gets home.”

Crap. That was never good. My dad’s build was a bit different than my mom’s. 6’3″, 200lbs of belt wielding fury. (***I just want to make it clear that my parents did not beat or abuse my as a kid…they didn’t “spare the rod” but they were very fair.***)

All that to be said, I was a punk. I still am in a lot of ways. Not only did I keep my mom from disciplining me, but I gave her PLENTY more reasons to have that same reaction for quite a few years to come. My mom did plenty of disciplining, but she never failed to communicate love. I know she cared about me regardless of how poorly I treated her. I knew she would always be there for me even if I wasn’t always there for the family. And I knew she loved even though I didn’t care for anyone but myself.

After all of those trials I guess I learned a lot and turned out O.K. My parents had a lot to do with that. This weekend I get to share a little bit more about my experiences growing up with our JH and HS students and their moms. The fact that my mom will be standing on the platform right next to me is the most exciting part. I can’t wait to teach with her and let our students and moms see what a healthy, consistent, loving mom really looks like…



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6 05 2011
Just wait until your father gets home… | Kids say :

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