I don’t like mom all the time…

17 05 2011

Here is a staff email I shared with my team this week:

Hey team,

I’m sure you’ve seen this video but if you haven’t watch it again real quick:

As I watched this a few things came to my mind:

1. Kids are hilarious. Enough said.

2. Sometimes I feel this way about our students. Not that is has anything to do with cookies (I mean that helps), but there are times where I definitely LOVE our students but don’t like them. I mean there are times where they bring my joy and laughter and I’m so proud of them, but they can be frustrating, irritating, and annoying. In the midst of all that, if I ever feel like I don’t LOVE our students I will step down from any sort of paid ministry position. I don’t care where I’m at in life and where I’m at in the church, if I don’t love students I know I will be living outside of what God has called me to as His follower. This generation is the next generation of the church and we should always be caring for them. I hope you continue to love our students. Your presence, your commitment, and your care has shown them that you do. Keep moving forward with them even during those “I don’t like you” times.

3. I know our students feel this way about God sometimes. Some of our students think God is just there to give them a cookie. They love Him and they are thankful for Him, but they are young and don’t have a full grasp on who God is or know how we respond to our Father. I hope we are communicating a God of love, sacrifice, presence, wisdom, power, Knowledge, grace, abundance, etc. that is worthy of our praise and worship. Not a God who is there to give us a cookie when we want it.

4. I hope there are times you feel this way about me. Again, probably doesn’t have too much to do with the cookie. I hope you feel the freedom to disagree with me, but I also hope you trust me through the process. I want to do everything I can to earn your trust and if you don’t agree with me on certain things, I’m totally ok with that and we can talk through those things. But I hope you trust that I am trying to make the right decisions for the ministry and our students. I hope you know that I care about you and love you enough to be open to conversations that involve healthy conflict or disagreement. I want us to be a team that relies on one another and has the freedom to be in healthy dialogue with one another. We are different and we each have strengths we bring to this team. Let’s make sure we get all those strengths working together to make the best HSM possible.

We are already doing a good job you guys. God is working and moving in this ministry. Let’s continue to grow together while we invest in our students and care for this ministry and church. I love you and am blessed to serve with you.




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