Mother’s Day Letter

31 05 2011

Here is the letter I wrote to my mom for the 2nd week of our “Modern Family” series:


I don’t think there would be a better way to start this letter to you than to say “Thank You”. I cannot begin to tell you how much I respect you, appreciate you, look up to you, and love you. I feel blessed to grow up in a home where I had a mom who really loved me. You provided, cared for, watched over, released, and waited for me. You’ve taught me a lot and I won’t forget any of it.

You’ve taught me what it means to conquer. You’ve always been authentic and transparent with Brittany and I when it came to the eating disorder you struggled with for so many years. We didn’t really see it when it was bad but because you are so open and honest with us, we knew it was difficult. Now when I see you invest and care for people all over the country who struggle with the same issues I know that God’s using your experience to advance His Kingdom. You overcame a huge obstacle in your life and that means a lot to me.

You’ve taught me what it means to persevere. When Aunt Jen died I was only in third grade. I didn’t quite understand what it would mean to lose a sister well before it was her time. I know you had questions and you were angry with God but you made it and you were a rock for the rest of our family. I don’t think Grandma and Grandpa would have gotten through that without you.

You’ve taught me what it means to love. You’ve always put the rest of your family in front of yourself. There is nothing selfish about you. You and dad have shown Amanda and I what a healthy marriage looks like and I hope we love our kids as much as you love us. (Just a side note, there still isn’t a kid on the way quite yet, sorry). You’ve laid down your life for me and helped me understand Christ’s love in a way that I wouldn’t have experienced with you.

And with that love, you’ve taught me what it means to forgive. I know I kept you up late at night because you were worried about me. I know I caused arguments between you and dad and I caused a stress on your relationship for a while. I know you knew I was going down the wrong path and I know somehow you allowed me to fail. Thanks for that. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for letting you down so many times. I wish I never caused you pain but I know I did.

But with that, thank you so much for not giving up on me. Thanks for challenging the lies I lived. You were a constant example of what it meant to follow Jesus Christ and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Your purpose was to bring me back to my Maker. God used you to bring me back to him.

Thank you for helping me realize that where I invest my love I invest my life and I desperately want to invest my love in Jesus Christ and you helped me get there. God used you to awake my soul. I love you mom and I will forever be grateful for you and all you’ve poured into me.




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