Haiti Update- Day 2

14 07 2011

The book we are reading during our trip is about knowing/seeing/relinquishing control to the Holy Spirit. It’s called “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan and it is pretty amazing watching the Holy Spirit work through our students.

We started the day at about 6:30am, got ready, ate breakfast, and then took a tour of our work sites. We saw the old orphanage and observed the nonexistent second story.

After the tour our team split up and half of us ran VBS while the other half began to paint the local church. We stopped for lunch (apparently we are going to be eating three meals a day), and then got right back to work. The painters went back to paint and the VBSers began to remove the weeds from the garden. It looks like that is how our schedule is shaping up: 1/2 of us will do VBS in the morning and garden work in the afternoon, while the other 1/2 will paint all day.

At the end of our work day we had a brief moment of rest and then a time of celebration. It is one of our team member’s birthday’s today and we were able to find some delicious (and safe to eat) ice cream.

Somehow that ice cream led to a much more energetic worship gathering and team devotional this evening. Our team is currently running around with some of the kids at the boy’s orphanage awaiting dinner.

It’s been a great day and we are thanking God for continued safety and health.

Prayer requests:
1. Health and safety
2. Patience and flexibility for our students in the midst of ever-changing schedules.
3. Some of the young girls at the orphanage have a skin rash and we are trying to find a way to get them medication. Pray we find a good doctor to diagnose the problem.
4. God is breaking our students hearts in a lot of ways right now. Pray our leaders know the right words to say when they reach out to us.






5 responses

14 07 2011
Derrick Crandell

Very good news! Thanks for keeping us posted! Not sure why, but we parents tend to be concerned when so many miles away. Enjoy all that you can out there! Our prayers are with you all.
Derrick C.

14 07 2011
Tara Roach

Praying for you all! You’re being faced with two of the biggest challenges I was confronted by in Africa as well… ever-changing schedules and experiences that break your heart into pieces! May you all lean on the God of the universe as He continues to lead you and mold you through the experiences of this trip!

15 07 2011
Josh Jonas

Hey parents and friends, I would like to invite you this Sunday at 10:40am in the auditorium at Cornerstone to pray for this team. Looking toward the stage I will be in the far left hand corner. Hope to see you there!

15 07 2011

Praise the Lord!! HE is Fatihful!! So glad that Leasie could celebrate her 18th birthday with all of you serving our MIGHTY GOD!!!

15 07 2011
Valerie Westbrook

Love seeing your updates Steve. They really help us to feel connected with you all. The children are so precious…God is Love!! Praying always~Valerie

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