Haiti Update- Day 3

15 07 2011

I think it may have gotten a little bit warmer today. I’m basing this prediction on the amount of sweat I saw dripping from everyone’s faces and it could mean we were just working that much harder today. I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason.

Our team is kicking butt right now. VBS is rolling, the garden is almost completely free of weeds (I wish I could explain how incredible of an accomplishment that is), and the inside of the church is almost completely painted!! The walls are finished and the ceiling is almost there.

I had the opportunity to go into town with Clint and one of our translators today. We took 6 girls from the orphanage to see a doctor and get diagnosed for their skin illness. We received some ointment and medicine and will also be waiting to hear the results of the blood work for a few other illnesses. Thanks for the prayers!!

Everyone is still doing really well and our students are growing every day. They are fighting through exhaustion and extreme warmth to serve. I wish you could hear the conversations they are having in their small groups. Maturity, growth, passion, encouragement, and motivation are words that immediately come to mind.

Tomorrow will be our last full day of work as we will be attending church on Sunday and debriefing Monday.

Prayer requests:
1. Pray that we are able to continue to serve well the next couple of days.
2. Continue to pray for health and safety as well as persistence and energy for our team.
3. We are developing great friendships with our drivers an translators. It has been pretty crazy hearing their stories and experiences of the day the earthquake hit. Pray for them and their families.




3 responses

15 07 2011
Valerie Westbrook

Praise the Lord for the wonderful update on the team…SO very thankkful the Lord’s covering you all with his protection and love. Thank’s again Steve for the daily updates. May the Lord bless and keep his mighty hand over you all. Continued health and strength to finish what’s needed. Love you all…

15 07 2011
Amy Miramontes

Glad things are going well for you guys!

16 07 2011
Jeremy Maurer

Keep you guys lifted up. How’d you like container living? Sherm has it hooked up pretty well.

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