Haiti Update- Day 4

16 07 2011

High School students experience a lot in their 4 years. There are not many things that will stick with them like a mission trip. I am confident our time in Haiti will be no different. Relationships are being developed, tears shed, sweat poured out, and our team is growing in tremendous ways, individually and collectively.

Today we saw the completion of our weed picking project, finished painting the inside of the church, and led the last VBS for our new Haitian friends. I think seeing the fruit of their labor over the last few days really gave our team a sense of accomplishment. We still feel like there is more than enough to do and I think we feel pretty overwhelmed over how much more we could do if we had time, but it feels good to achieve.

Our students will still be doing more work tomorrow as we’ve added a sewing project and will finish painting the outside of the church. We will also be getting a much deserved chance to rest and process.

Everyone is still feeling good and we have not run into any serious medical issues. We are staying hydrated and eating well (including hot dogs for breakfast yesterday). Thanks for all your prayers. Keep ’em coming!!

Prayer requests:
1. Yup, you guessed it: health and safety.
2. Pray for our team as we prepare to lead a church service tomorrow. A few of our students will be leading worship and I will be teaching.
3. Pray that we finish strong. Our last day with any work involved is tomorrow. Pray for our time painting and sewing.







2 responses

17 07 2011
Valerie Westbrook

Wonderful report once again Steve…Praise the Lord for that and will be praying that the rest of the trip goes just as well. God bless you all and Praise the Lord…..Hugs~

17 07 2011
Lisa Harris

Yes, thank you Steve for the daily updates!! I look enjoy reading/seeing all the good being done in God’s name. I continue to pray for safety, endurance, growth in spirit and lots of love for everyone. Please update me on how Becca is doing… she texted her brother she was sick yesterday (7/16) and has not responded to follow up contacts I have since made. God bless you all! ~ lisa

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