Haiti Update- Day 5

17 07 2011

3 hour church services are incredible!! Our students sang louder, clapped longer, and praised God like I’ve never seen from High Schoolers before.

After the Haitian pastors led us in many songs and prayers and taught a few different messages, our team was introduced to the congregation. We were thanked for all the hard work and time we put into painting their church. Our students led worship and we had one student share his testimony. They all did a fantastic job. The crazy part is that round 2 is coming up in about an hour!!

We found out early this morning we would have another church service. Clint will be teaching, our students will lead worship, and one more member of our team will share her testimony at the evening gathering tonight.

After church this morning the guys finished painting while the girls finished the garden project and sewed some mattress covers together. All of our physical labor is officially complete.

It has been really cool to see how everything has come together so well on this trip. God has orchestrated an awesome experience for our students and I’m very excited to hear their final hi’s and low’s from this week.

Tomorrow we will be taking a sabbath at the beach to rest, process, and debrief.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our conversations tomorrow. There is a lot to process and think through and we know tomorrow is just the beginning.
2. Pray for peace and clarity for our team. There will be a lot of unanswered questions tomorrow.
3. Pray for rest. They definitely deserve it.
4. Pray for safety as we travel to the beach tomorrow and for continued health.







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