Haiti Update- Day 6

19 07 2011

All week we have been experiencing what God can do in us and through us when we serve. Today we got to experience God in a few different ways.

Our team took a 2 hour trip to a gorgeous beach in Jacmel and had our debrief meeting. We went over our highs and lows from the week, began to process all that we did, and spent some time sitting with God and being still in His presence.

Our leaders took some time to pray with each student and then sent them off to a time of relaxation and celebration. The beach was amazing, the water was refreshing, and the time spent with one another was so uplifting.

We also enjoyed some hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and pizza at the UN building down the street (a slight change from the rice and beans).

All in all, today was a great conclusion to our time in Haiti. We are thanking God that no one is sick or injured and are looking forward to what He will continue to do in our hearts after we return. We are excited to come home and see family and friends tomorrow, but will miss those we have come so close with over the past week.

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support. We love you!!

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for the process. Today was just the beginning of remembering our experience here and I hope the transition back to the States is healthy.

2. Pray our students ask the right questions and that they are motivated to act.

3. Pray they surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to grab ahold of EVERY part of their lives.

4. Pray for safety on our journey home.





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