Weekend Recap HSM-September 3rd & 4th

6 09 2011

I’ve done this in the past and I figured I’d start sharing on here:

September 3rd & 4th

Series: This was the second week of our “Wipeout” series. I love our bumper video and theme we have going for the next few weeks. Our Junior High apprentice, Doug Franklin, taught on eliminating busyness. He did a GREAT job explaining how to slow down and what hurry and busyness keeps us from. The students were really connected and engaged as he spoke and it was cool to have someone up there that a lot of students remember from their time in JHM. We didn’t teach on Saturday night for the kickoff of Saturday night service because we wanted to have a night of prayer for our JHM/HSM students that showed up. Great way to start a new gathering.

Worship: The band did a really good job and Kevin wasn’t even on stage this week. Chris Curtis led and Tyler did a great job leading through him. It’s cool to see more and more people step up on the worship team.

Fun: We busted out the old blender once again and decided to go with items that reminded of us wiping out. We had four students come up and drink some crazy concoction that  consisted of Code Red Mountain Dew, Cheese Doritos, Bumble Bee Tuna, A1 Steak Sauce, and Monster Energy Drink. Four students volunteered to try and beat Big Steve Sanderson and the Junior rep one. The game provided a ton of energy and momentum heading into worship and worked out better than a game like that usually does.  Still will only do this once or twice a year…

Areas of Improvement: We need to do a better job of managing our time. The game went long and Doug’s message was a little longer than we had planned. As a result, we had to cut the last two worship songs which I HATE doing. Saturday night will be a consistent area of improvement as we get the new service rolling.

Next Week: Wipeout Week 3- Prayer (Saturday PM and Sunday AM)



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