HSM Weekend Recap- September 10th & 11th

13 09 2011

September 10th & 11th

Series: Week 3 of the Wipeout series. I taught on prayer on Saturday night and Sunday morning. We had 56 students there on Saturday night and we are expecting a lot moreover the next couple weekends as we will be announcing our Saturday night service in our adult services this weekend. Like I said, I taught on prayer this week and at the end of the message I let incense to create a visual of how are prayers rise up to God and how sweet they are to Him. After our first song we had 4 students come up and pray for 9/11, their schools, their friends, and our world.

Worship: The band sounded incredible again this week. We did two songs up front and two songs at the end this week. Look to You, Center, Awake my Soul, Desert Song.

Fun: TJ and Steve ran a quick trivia game. It only took 5 minutes and was extremely effective. We had four students on stage and each student had one staff member with them. Each student was asked one trivia question and if they got it right the adult staff got a whip cream pie in the face, but if they got it wrong the student got the pie in the face. Only one student lost and it was hilarious.

Areas of Improvement: We need to do a better job of getting our volunteer staff to sit with the students. We had less students this week than we had two weeks ago and the more we get our staff involved the more students will want to connect on a Sunday morning or Saturday night.

Next Week: Wipeout Week 4- Family Dynamics



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