HSM Weekend Recap September 17th & 18th

20 09 2011

September 17th & 18th

Series: Week 4 of the Wipeout series. I taught on Family Dynamics on Sunday morning and Jay taught on Community on Saturday night. Jay did a great job and we had over 70 students there. Our Saturday night program keeps growing and we are super excited about where we are headed. Sunday morning went really well and about 10 students accepted Christ after a message about joining God’s family. The main point from this week: “Dysfunction is ordinary, obedience makes you extraordinary.”

Worship: Tyler led. Another great morning of worship. Here is Our King, O Praise Him, Like an Avalanche, Your Love is Strong

Fun: We didn’t really have an official element of fun this week but we did give away a signed San Fransisco 49ers football. The football was donated and we chose the winner by picking a name out of a bucket. Names were entered via check in to Fellowship One.

Areas of Improvement: We need to make sure we have teams in place for Saturday night. With Jay and I doing announcements in the adult service it felt like a lot of things slipped through the cracks. We also need to encourage more HSers to be there on Saturday. It was probably 75% Junior Highers this week…

Next Week: Wipeout Week 5 (End of series)- Addiction



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