HSM Weekend Recap September 24th & 25th

28 09 2011

September 24th & 25th

Series: Week 5 of the Wipeout series. I taught on what it means to be addicted to anything besides God. Our Saturday night program had about the same amount of students as last week but Sunday morning was definitely more packed then the week before. We also had about 17 students choose to surrender to God this weekend! We loved this series and hope it carries over to our next one.

Worship: We had a student write something on confession (which I will post later) and had a lot of participation from the students during worship. They weren’t consumers this week. They chose to worship  God. Amazing Grace, One Thing Remains, How He Loves, Come Thou Fount

Fun: We played a game involving a banana and 4 students. It didn’t go over as well as planned. When we do games up front we need to make sure everyone can see what is going on.

Areas of Improvement: The GAME. If we are going to have an element of fun then we need to make sure it goes really well. Planning, participation, and excitement were all down this week. We’ll never do a game just to do a game, so when we do have an element of fun we need to make sure it is FUN! Continue to get more students involved on stage.

Next Week: Replay (Week 1) – What is regret?



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