HSM Weekend Recap October 15th & 16th

19 10 2011

October 15th and 16th

Series: This was the second to last week in our series on regret and we changed it up a little bit more today. I team taught again but this time we had the opportunity to hear a female perspective. Becky Fitch and I taught on disciple and how being disciplined keeps us from regret. Becky did a fantastic job and I can’t wait to hear her teach again! We also had the best Saturday night program we have ever had. Instead of teaching we broke up into small groups and I’m pretty convinced that we have to stick with that game plan for now.

Worship:Worship was a blast! So much energy and excitement and during Come Thou Fount at the end of the service the students sang louder than I have ever heard. I love seeing and hearing them praise God with everything they are. Rise, Here is Our King, Like an Avalanche, Come Thou Fount

Fun: TJ and I did a hot seat with a few students and it definitely could have gone better. We also started something new this week with our “Video of the Week”. Each week we will find a funny video and use it to kickoff our gatherings. I’m really excited about finding more ways to have fun together.

Areas of Improvement: I think the big one this week is programming. Our bumper video didn’t start on time and some of the sound stuff didn’t really click. Not a huge deal but I think we can improve here.

Next Week: Replay (Week 4)- Students share how they have grown from regret.

5 Expectations of a GREAT Weekend Volunteer/Student Leader

12 10 2011

5 expectations of a great HSM volunteer on the weekend:

  1. Be on time to the 10:45am prayer meeting.
  2. Consistently greet, sit, and connect with students (Not in the back with other leaders).
  3. Look for new students and students sitting alone.
  4. Solve problems and have a mindset of service.
  5. Look at every moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth in the lives of students.

5 expectations of a great HSM student leader on the weekend:

  1. Be on time to the 10:45am prayer meeting.
  2. Make sure you and your crew knows what their job is and is making it happen.
  3. Consistently greet, sit, and connect with students (Not just other student leaders).
  4. Look for new students and students sitting alone.
  5. Solve problems and have a mindset of service.
  6. Look at every moment as an opportunity for spiritual growth in the lives of other students.

HSM Weekend Recap October 8th & 9th

11 10 2011

October 8th and 9th

Series:We are still on our series created for students by students and we had a great time teaching on growing from regret this week. TJ and I team taught and Saturday night was a little rocky so we did a pretty drastic change to the message from Saturday to Sunday. The change ended up going over really well. We also tried something new with the ending to the message. It was more of a charge/commission ending that you might hear from a football coach, so the band played some up beat music behind me as I closed out the message. Students WERE FIRED UP!! It was really cool to try something for the first time and have it work really well.

Worship:We changed it up this week and did 4 songs up front and finished with one song. The change went really well and the more we lead them in worship the more students will jump on board. Rise, Light Will Shine, Came to my Rescue, Aftermath, Freedom is Here.

Fun: Sando did a little mixer and asked students to go around and introduce themselves to one another and talk about what they are going to dress up as for Halloween. We had a lot of energy this week even though a few of our school had homecoming the night before. We have a bunch of Homecomings coming up the next few weeks so we are going to have to keep this trend going.

Areas of Improvement: It was good to have change. I’d like to see us come up with a more consistent plan for how we do games/element of fun during the week.

Next Week: Replay (Week 3) – Suffer Discipline or Suffer Regret.


7 10 2011

There are a lot of sayings and axioms we have in our student ministry department at Cornerstone Fellowship. Just this week we decided to start writing them down. We know the things we are consistently saying to our students and volunteer staff have a lot to do with the shaping of our culture and values in this ministry. We have developed some of our axioms and sayings out of necessity, some have been taken from other leaders/churches/organizations, and some are just a part of who we are. Here’s what we have come up with so far (I’m sure there are more to come):

  • If you don’t hear it anywhere else you’ll hear it here, WE LOVE YOU.
  • Found people find people.
  • Connect the back.
  • We don’t worship a boring God so church will not be boring.
  • With so many inconsistencies in the lives of students (family, school, sports, friends), the church better be consistent.
  • No one sits alone.
  • Life groups are the best thing we do.
  • Students are the pastors, leaders, and missionaries.
  • When you start a relationship with Christ you haven’t crossed the finish line. You have just crossed the starting line.
  • We care about YOU, not just what you give to this ministry.
  • You don’t have to fake it to lead here.  Lead authentically from exactly where you’re at.

Are there sayings you use all the time around your team or hear around your church/organizations? We’d love to hear them…

HSM Weekend Recap October 1st and 2nd

4 10 2011

October 1st and 2nd

Series:This is the first time we have ever gone through a series for students that was created by students. Here is the blurb one student wrote about this series: “As the four weeks develop, the students learn about regret, how powerful it is, how to use it, and how to learn from it. They learn that to “replay” their life they must understand regret is a tool we use to grow from. Through regret we adapt to life and learn to never make the same mistakes, or in the case that we do, we feel overwhelming regret.”

The message this week was titled “What is Regret?” We took some time defining it and really working through the kind of regrets that weigh down High School students. The message went really well and students were pretty responsive.

Worship: Student are leading worship and I don’t mean on the stage. They are choosing to worship God and our band is doing a great job prompting them. It;s incredible to hear our students praise their Father. Furious, Center, Everything, Rise, The Stand

Fun: TJ and Sando led a giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and it created a TON of energy. One of the best games we have done in a while. They did a great job. Especially cool when that was the biggest area of improvement last week.

Areas of Improvement: It might be time to change. Sometimes we get stuck in routine too much and we might need to do something different this next week or two. We are team teaching next week and will do more worship up front. We’ll see if that helps…

Next Week: Replay (Week 2) – Regret and Growth