HSM Weekend Recap Oct. 29th and 30th

1 11 2011

Oct. 29 & 30

Series: I heard the end of our Replay series ended really well last week. I was in Hawaii with my beautiful wifey but it sounded like a real moving weekend. This week we started our newest series, “The Biggest Loser”. I taught on what it means to be spiritually healthy and told our students that the best way to be spiritually healthy is to read your Bible and reflect on what it says. I taught on Ezra (mostly chapters 7-10) and challenged the students to read Psalm 119 and allow it to become a part of them.

Worship:Worship went really well. The band did a great job prompting the students this week. Light Will Shine. The Stand. Amazing Grace. From the Inside Out. Everything.

Fun:TJ and Sando did announcements in a Turkey and pilgrim outfit. Really strange but I think the students liked it. They also did a Halloween Trivia game and it all led in to promoting our biggest event of the year coming up Wednesday night.

Areas of Improvement: I need to do a better job of getting everyone on the same page. It was tough being gone this week but I also really appreciate knowing I can leave for a week and everything is going to be taken care of. I think we need to continue to grow on the programming end, the fun end, the teaching, the worship, etc. (If you’re paying attention that is pretty much all we do. We haven’t arrived and I hope we keep the mindset that we need to continue to grow as we surrender the weekend to God and let Him do His thing.)

Next Week: The Biggest Loser- Physical Health (Week 2)



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