HSM Weekend Recap Nov. 12th & 13th

15 11 2011

November 12th & 13th

Series: This week we had Becky teach on Emotional Health to close out our Biggest Loser series. She did a great job explaining the importance of opening yourself up to God and giving him any of your struggles worries, hurts, pains, fears, etc. Students left knowing that God wants those things from you because He cares about you. It was really good to have a strong female presence on the platform this week. We also had Ali do announcements with me.

Worship:Worship connected with the students, the message, and you could tell that everyone on the platform had a fun time playing with one another and worshiping God together. Light Will Shine. Amazing Grace. Beautiful Things. Everything.

Fun:TJ had a game planned that we didn’t end up getting to. We showed the video of parents telling their kids that they ate their Halloween candy and then sang Happy Birthday to all of our November birthdays. It was a ton of fun and created a lot of energy.

Areas of Improvement: We finally got in to our new room this week and there are a lot of things we need to figure out how to do better in that room with the new set up. We need to provide something for students to interact with and do before the service starts. We need to figure out how to make the room more welcoming to a HSer. It’s exciting because there is a newness and excitement and we want to get the most out of that right now!!

Next Week: Guest Speaker form “Christianity and the Middle East” Conference



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