HSM Weekend Recap November 27th & 28th

30 11 2011

November 27th & 28th

Series: This was the first week of our series “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” Our focus for this series is going to be centered on HOPE. We taught through the Isaiah 9 passage this week and explained to the students that God does what He says He is going to do. Students are going through a pretty tough time right now with the passing of a Livermore High School student and I think a message of Hope really resonated with a lot of them.

Worship: We ended the message with upbeat music playing behind it. I think it went really well and I felt like Tyler and the band rocked it this week. Light Will Shine. Blessed Be Your Name. You Never Let Go. Revelation Song.

Fun: We played some game involving sweet potatoes. It seemed like a filler. We definitely need to bring something better to the table next week. We also showed a baby headbanging video that could have been set up better.

Areas of Improvement: Well the element of fun is easy for this week. I think we figured out what happens when we try to throw something together last minute. I’ve always said that we aren’t going to do a game just to do a game. This week we did. Looking forward to improving that for next week.

Next Week: The Most Interesting Man in the World: Week 2-“God With Us”



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