HSM Weekend Recap Dec. 17th & 18th

21 12 2011

December 17th & 18th

Series: This was the last week of our series “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” The theme for this week was that God saves us. Jay and I team taught again and had a really good time teaching together. It seems like we do a pretty good job of playing off one another. This week we taught through the story of Jesus’ birth found in Matthew. We talked about why Jesus came and what our response is. I thought the morning went really well and I think this series was a big time win for us.

Worship: Phenomenal this week. I sent a tweet out about how cool it was to have Dani and Michaela singing together because I was blown away while they were singing. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. O Come All Ye Faithful. The First Noel. Silent Night.

Fun: TJ came up with a game that had to do with understanding slang. He put a team of staff vs. a team of students and it ended up being one of the funniest games we have done in a while.

Areas of Improvement: I would still like to get our timing down a little better. The more time we have in the back end the better. It just means we need to a better job of cleaning stuff up near the beginning of the worship gathering.

Next Week: Off for Christmas

HSM Weekend Recap Dec. 10th & 11th

14 12 2011

December 10th & 11

Series: This was the third week of our series “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” The theme for this week was that God understand us. So far we have gone over “God does what He says He is going to do” and “God with us” leading up to this week. Jay Foulk was supposed to teach this week but came down with a 102.5 degree fever on Saturday night (he’s all better now). I through something together on Sunday morning and it seemed to go pretty well. I shared about how Jesus came and lived the same life that we live and that he understands our pain, hopelessness, loneliness, and hurt. I also talked about Mary and how she chose to rejoice in the midst of a trial.

Worship: Angels We Have heard on High. Furious. Beautiful. Aftermath. O Holy Night. (And let’s not forget “Joy to the World” 🙂 I played it at the beginning of the message).

Fun: TJ and I led a Christmas Carol gargling game. Students were laughing and really connecting with what was happening on the platform. We also showed a really funny video to start the service that showed different reactions to Christmas presents. Great job on the fun element this week.

Areas of Improvement: I think with the message getting thrown together last minute things went pretty well this week. We had to get extra chairs out this week and I would say the area we need to improve the most on is asking staff or students to be prepared to make that happen earlier. All in all a really good week though.

Next Week: The Most Interesting Man in the World: Week 4-”God Saves Us”


Reduced to Rubble

1 12 2011

This morning I was reading Micah 3 and when I read through verse 11 I stopped and reflected on it for a little while.

Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the LORD’s support and say, “Is not the LORD among us? No disaster will come upon us.”

Micah is addressing the leaders of the house of Jacob, or Israel, and gives them a stinging depiction of their sins and downfalls. These leaders are motivated by their greed and appetite for wealth and they are warned in verse 12 that their actions are leading to devastation. While doing so, the leaders are looking to God for support and trusting His protection and provision. If they were truly allowing God to lead them then their lifestyle would not have projected the greed and treachery that it did. But my question is, how often do we find ourselves in similar situations? Situations where we have chosen not to be faithful, where we fulfill our selfish desires and then when ruin and destruction are looming we say, “We’re good, God is with us”?

How often do we get sick after choosing to not care for our bodies?

How often do we struggle financially after choosing to spend lavishly?

How often do we feel lonely after choosing not to sacrifice or give attention to those around us?

How often do we feel disconnected from God without choosing to pursue Him?

Andy Stanley wrote in The Principle of the Path, “Your direction, not your intention, leads to your destination.” If we want to be healthy, if we want to be secure financially, if we want to be loved, if we want to grow closer to our Creator then it takes work on our part. We have a responsibility. It means listening to what God is telling us before it’s too late. Too often I see individuals who aren’t willing to put forward any effort and are entirely focused on fulfilling what they desire in the moment. It’s weird how often those individuals then wonder how God allowed them to get to where they are now.

Look, we have hope because God is a God of grace and He will be present and active in our lives no matter what, but that doesn’t mean He always has to be there to put a band aid (or stitches) on our problems. Sometimes it takes us falling flat on our face to realize that we need to do our part. We don’t live a dormant faith. Our faith is very active and there will be times where we need God to rescue us from ourselves or our circumstances, but let’s choose to listen to God now. Let’s listen to God before we get to the depths of disaster and follow the direction He is taking us now. Let’s ask for God’s guidance, direction, and provision now so we don’t have to ask Him to put together a destroyed temple. Let’s plug away at the work in front of us and ask God to build up the temple we have been given.