7 10 2011

There are a lot of sayings and axioms we have in our student ministry department at Cornerstone Fellowship. Just this week we decided to start writing them down. We know the things we are consistently saying to our students and volunteer staff have a lot to do with the shaping of our culture and values in this ministry. We have developed some of our axioms and sayings out of necessity, some have been taken from other leaders/churches/organizations, and some are just a part of who we are. Here’s what we have come up with so far (I’m sure there are more to come):

  • If you don’t hear it anywhere else you’ll hear it here, WE LOVE YOU.
  • Found people find people.
  • Connect the back.
  • We don’t worship a boring God so church will not be boring.
  • With so many inconsistencies in the lives of students (family, school, sports, friends), the church better be consistent.
  • No one sits alone.
  • Life groups are the best thing we do.
  • Students are the pastors, leaders, and missionaries.
  • When you start a relationship with Christ you haven’t crossed the finish line. You have just crossed the starting line.
  • We care about YOU, not just what you give to this ministry.
  • You don’t have to fake it to lead here.  Lead authentically from exactly where you’re at.

Are there sayings you use all the time around your team or hear around your church/organizations? We’d love to hear them…