2 12 2010

I walked into the office this morning and sat down to my normal routine. Read a blog post by another youth pastor or pastor, change the date on my calendar, check twitter, read an excerpt from a CS Lewis book, read a page from The Maxwell Daily Reader, read a Proverb, and then delve into whatever book I’m going through in the Bible. This whole routine takes me about 30 minutes (depending on how many interesting links there are on twitter and where that takes me).

Well today I felt pretty crappy about my routine. I don’t mind the fact that it is a routine and I really don’t feel like it’s something I ever have to do. The reason I felt crappy about my routine this morning is because of the order that I have decided to do it in. I felt like this was an indicator to my priorities. What other pastors are doing and doing well, what is going on in the social world around me, and how I can grow as a leader, have become more important to digging into God’s story.

I was listening to John Ortberg’s Q & A on “Shadow Mission” on the way in and he talked about character a lot. At one point he said that character results in our pursuit of God. I hope that I can shift my thinking and pursue God more than the things that make me better. Ultimately, I want to be a great leader, pastor, whatever, but I have to pursue God and grow through that before I can grow through anything else.