Hesitations 19:16

28 04 2011

I was reading through Genesis 19 today and came across the story about Lot and his family. The city they lived in was about to be destroyed and when the angels (or “the men”) told him to leave, we read:

16 When he hesitated, the men grasped his hand and the hands of his wife and of his two daughters and led them safely out of the city, for the LORD was merciful to them.

This makes me wonder. When God asks us to move, why do we hesitate? What makes us wait? I think there were a few things causing Lot to hesitate when God told him to move on. Whether it’s a new opportunity, a new direction, or a new vision, when God asks us to move I think we struggle with some of the same things…

Risk- Lot had to leave in the midst of turmoil and move towards something new and unknown. People are comfortable with the familiar. Change isn’t always easy. Especially if it means packing up your bags and leaving everything you know. There are even times where God is calling us to something and we literally have no clue how we are going to get there and that risk can be scary.

Relationships-Lot had future son-in-laws in Sodom. Not that I’m saying we should leave people behind to die. It’s never easy to leave community. We are designed to be connected to other people and when God tells us it’s time to move on from those relationships, we hesitate. We are also very aware of how many people are dependent on us within those relationships. We are also nervous about burning anyone through the process. Maybe what God has called us to do is differs from what someone else expected. Definitely a potential problem.

Responsibilities- Lot was a good man. I’m sure he wanted to save the people of Sodom. A lot of us have that same hero mentality. We think we are the ones who are going to take care of it all. “I will save the people, I will make them change.” We don’t like leaving things unfinished and we think there are still responsibilities we HAVE to control/lead/take care of. I’m sure if God is asking us to move on or work towards something new, He’s got the rest of it covered.

Risk means movement, relationships and community can be formed elsewhere, and we can’t save or change anyone. That’s God’s area of expertise. I don’t want to minimize these reasons (they will undoubtedly be a struggle), but so much of our hesitations are rooted in fear, which is probably why we constantly read “Fear Not” in the Scriptures. When there is clarity in what God asks of us LET’S GO!! I hope we don’t hesitate and I pray we are not afraid. Salvation is real, obedience is key, and as we live out of the abundance of God’s grace and provision let’s always remember that He can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine!!