Christmas Memories

3 12 2010

The other day in our staff meeting Pastor Steve challenged us to rethink some of our Christmas memories.

I immediately thought of the year that my sister got a present and after ripping it open proclaimed, “I love it! I love it! I’ve wanted it for so long!!…What is it?” I know, she’s weird. We still let her come around during the holidays though.

I have a lot of great memories from Christmas and it’s interesting because most of them stem from traditions. I really like traditions. For some reason I get really proud of my family when I think about all of the traditions that we have. Some of my favorites include:

Grandma Ingold’s bag of gifts- Every year Grandma sends us this giant bag of little presents. I loved it growing up because I was guaranteed to get a pocket knife, every little boy’s dream and mother’s nightmare. Each gift costs no more than $1.25 and there are like 10 gifts for each person in the family. Dad sits on both knees by the tree and throws them around. We grab at them like we are trying to get the T-shirts they are shooting out of a cannon at Major League Baseball game.

Mom’s food- Every year Mom makes THE BEST breakfast and dinner. Egg Casserole and homemade cinnamon rolls  for breakfast (Cinnabon wishes they could get this recipe), and then HOMEMADE MAC AND CHEESE and Dad’s Tri Tip or honey baked ham for dinner. I gain 6.7lbs every Christmas day.


Luke 2– Reading the story of Jesus’ birth is actually a Christmas Eve tradition, but since we have moved away it has kind of merged into another thing we do on Christmas day. It’s just really cool and we’ve been doing it since I can remember.

Christmas traditions and Christmas memories aren’t something I talk about too often. I am kind of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas. But, this week I was challenged by my pastor and it really made me think about how much fun this is. Christmas is a time to celebrate and party and enjoy one another. I’m looking forward to partying with my family this year and upholding those traditions.

What are some of your memories or traditions?