Room Raided

4 03 2011

This is a video a few of our students put together for the Freshmen “You Own the Weekend” service. (The Frosh class rocked it last Sunday by the way!!) Let’s just say I feel violated and there really isn’t much truth to what happened here. Except for the last picture of me. Weight room is real. Check it out:

When teenagers rule the world (or weekend)…

23 02 2011

February has been an exciting month in HSM at Cornerstone Fellowship. We took a page out of the high school ministry at Saddleback and began a new tradition with “You Own the Weekend”. This series provides our students with the opportunity to run every aspect of the Sunday morning worship gathering. For the past few weeks our students have taught, played in the band, sung, led games and icebreakers, and guided their peers through some pretty incredible gatherings. There are a few blatantly obvious benefits we have seen through this series. Here they are:

1.) Students are inviting their friends. We have seen a lot of new faces come into our ministry on Sunday mornings. Actually, last week was one of the biggest weekends we’ve ever had and it was a holiday weekend. That’s crazy! Students are asking their friends to come and see them lead and to experience what we are all about. I love seeing teenagers use the same technique that Philip used with Nathanael in John 1. We are also noticing students coming through our doors that haven’t been there in a while. Word is getting out and there is curiosity and interest in what is happening in HSM.

2.) Students are supporting one another. I asked our Seniors a question the week after they led and I could not have been more proud of their response. My question sounded a little bit like, “So, are you here to compare yourselves to the Juniors?” The three girls I posed the question to looked up and one of them said, “We’re here to cheer them on, not compete with them.” Amen.

3.) Students are growing and gaining experience. If they didn’t know what it meant to prepare and stress out and trust God to bring something together before this series, they do now. Not only are the students who will eventually go into ministry gaining valuable experience, but everyone who is involved is truly growing. They are growing through their preparation and they are growing through the message they are hearing. The gathering is so applicable to them because it is being communicated by them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 200 students locked in to one speaker as much as these students are when one of their peers is teaching. They are so respectful, responsive, and ready to act on whatever they hear.

4.) Students are realizing their potential now. This is probably my favorite benefit that is coming from all of this. We tell students all the time about the potential they have. We tell them they are world changers. We tell them they can do something about the injustices and oppression they are aware of. And we always tell them this is who they are NOW. They have potential now, they can change the world now, and they can make a difference now. For some reason students think they have to wait until they are adults to put some of their ideas and thoughts into action. Unfortunately, those grand plans of action get muddled with aspirations of money, success, and status as we get older.

Our hope is for our students to understand the unlimited potential they have to make a kingdom impact on those around them RIGHT NOW. Jesus’ disciples were teenagers and they had a pretty big impact on the world. I have no doubts that our teens will do the same and hopefully we are putting them in situations to help them understand and act on their talents and abilities.

Needless to say, we’ll be doing this series again next year.