I’ve FAILED as a youth pastor…

22 04 2011

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with God.

… if I put the ministry ahead of my relationship with my wife and family.

… if don’t invest in meaningful friendships outside of youth ministry and/or the church.

… if I don’t continually work to grow closer to my Creator.

… if I allow my identity to be found in my work.

… if I allow the numbers to discourage me OR make me feel good about myself.

… if I become jaded towards the church because of envy or pride.

… if I allow people’s view of me get in the way of God’s view of me.

… if I allow how the church/leadership values me to define my worth.

… if I am not a disciple AND a disciple maker.

… if I constantly look beyond student ministry towards “the next big thing.”

… if students feel like a number and not an individual.

… if the work I’m doing “for” God doesn’t align with God’s desire for me or the ministry.

I’m sure there are others we need to be aware of as pastors/leaders/volunteers. Any others that come to mind?




3 responses

22 04 2011
Brittany Ingold

…if I’m trying to feed and I’m not being fed.

22 04 2011
Rina Sires

As one of your many students in your ministry, I can honestly say there is nothing you’ve failed at. You are one of the most passionate, thoughtful, & incredible teachers I’ve ever known. Why do you think I’ve run through so many churches unsuccessfully? And I waited so long to be baptized? Cause I knew that when I found the right youth pastor, then I’d be ready to bridge into that next step with his (your) help.
So thank you for all you (un)kind words 🙂 thank you for believing in me and don’t ever doubt your abilities to lead this ministry you have.

22 04 2011
Pam Ingold

If I don’t have a weekly SABBATH day…

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